Paws Crossed

“Rescue One by One Until There are None.” Through this mission we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome orphaned pets. Paws Crossed is dedicated to being a true no-killrescue. This means we will only euthanize for terminal illness or irreversible suffering. We are committed to saving as many lives as we can, while also providing the best possible environment for the pets in our care.

We will offer a variety of programs and services to the community to make pet ownership easier and more affordable for the public. We have started with our education programs as they are incredibly important for the community and will help pave the future of animal rescue. As we grow as an organization we will enhance existing programs and begin new ones.

We are located out of Westchester county, NY and service the surrounding counties and communities. We have recently been gifted property at 100 Warehouse Lane South in Elmsford! We are overjoyed to be given the opportunity to bring a true no-kill rescue back to Westchester County!