Lewisboro Garden Club

The Lewisboro Garden Club, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1972 to promote the art of gardening, aid in conserving natural flora and help beautify public areas.

Today, in our 45th year, we are still true to our roots.  We are a hands-on, work-the-ground, community-service club. The women and men of our garden club represent the full range of gardeners, from the very experienced to those new to gardening. The Lewisboro Garden Club designs, plants, and maintains seventeen roadside flower triangles; cares for the Alice Poor Memorial Garden at Onatru Farm; manages the organic Community Gardens at Onatru Farm, tends the window boxes st the Cyrus Russell Community House, and more.  Annually, the Lewisboro Garden Club awards two scholarships to John Jay High School seniors who participate in environmental or horticultural programs.

The Lewisboro Garden Club coordinates Golden Roads, a roadside daffodil beautification initiative.  Golden Roads, in its tenthyear, encourages homeowners and businesses to plant daffodils along their roadsides.  Each fall we plant 4,000 daffodils in public spaces, with over 25,000 daffodil bulbs planted to date.

We plant the corn field at Onatru Farm each spring and turn it into a corn maze each fall as one of the amusements offered at the Lewisboro Library Fair, their annual fund-raiser.  This community activity provides enjoyment for young and old alike.