Youth Shelter Program of Westchester

The goal of The Youth Shelter Program of Westchester, Inc., is to educate and motivate our young residents by providing them with opportunities for success through specialized programs that provide the support necessary for them to function as positive, contributing members of society upon their eventual return to their communities.


The YSOW is looking to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.  We hope to expand our program to serve more young people and to save them from the abysmal cyclical reality of re-incarceration. We also hope to reintroduce our facility for young women.
As an organization committed to the socially disconnected, we look toward the future with the goal of raising community support and awareness through effective advocacy and action.


Recent news articles have focused attention on the current crisis situation in New York State prisons, especially for juveniles who are locked up with adults.  Alternative programs such as the Youth Shelter’s have been identified as being much more successful than traditional incarceration for young people who are in trouble with the law.  A special investigation launched by the Governor of New York found that there is a desperate need for a different response to youth in trouble ( ). The young men who are referred to our program by the courts are those deemed salvageable and therefore likely to gain greatly from the hands-on intervention that the YSPW can provide.  Without programs such as ours, these young people can quickly become trapped in an adult system that was not designed for and is not well equipped to deal with youth in crisis.